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2015-Oct-28 - horses and cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts horsepower

Sun shines on inaugural polo event in cheap ralph Lauren polos arizona Organizers probably fretted this week, as dire predictions of dust storms;Heavy rains and unseasonably cold temperatures were predicted for today, the premiere of the inaugural polo party at west world in scottsdale.But the sun shone brightly on the crowd that represented a wide variety of arizonans and sports at the cleverly tagged horses and cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts horsepower event on november 5, 2011. The event was sponsored by a diverse trio:The arizona polo club, barrett jackson collectible car auction and the arabian horse show.Barrett jackson and the arabian horse show have been long term winter attractions for arizona.There were high end cars including a line up of shiny ferraris and lamborghinis on display.At halftime, spectators got to get close to six spectacular arabians with riders in traditional costumes.Many fans from these sports were introduced for the first time to polo. "My twelve year old son david is an avid ferrari and lamborghini fan,"Said mellissa addison, a realtor in central phoenix,"I came out to introduce him to polo and this event provided the perfection combination.To top it off, planes from the nearby air show are filling the skies with vintage planes. " Polo and polo parties have historically been a staple on the us coasts.But this was a great opportunity for the us polo association and the arizona polo club to introduce arizonans to such traditions as fancy bonnets(A la the kentucky derby)And the half time ritual of stomping the divots. To attract new people to the sport, this event included ticket pricing as low as $10.In addition, groupon was used to reach new audience members, such as the taylor family from scottsdale. "Henk and i thought,"Said kate taylor,"That this would be a great experience for our kids grace and ryan. "The event was also free for kids under nine. People enjoyed food, cocktails, cigars, and the battle between the us and columbia on the green field against a beautiful background of mountains, blue sky and sunshine.Horse and horsepower may be the start of a long and wonderful relationship between phoenicians and polo ponies. Denise meridith is a skilled government, nonprofit and business executive.During 15 years in arizona, her accomplishments with large companies, start ups, turnarounds and government are diverse, particularly in the sports and tourism industries.A compelling public speaker, she also has superior writing skills, and has been a columnist for the phoenix business journal, arizona republic and other publications.

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